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Waec 2016 History ESSAY And OBJ Free Expo Answers


Thursday 31st March 2016
HISTORY 2 (ESSAY) 9.30AM – 11.30AM
HISTORY 1 (OBJ) 11.30AM – 12.30PM


Question 1
Give an account of the socio-political organization of THE in PRE-COLONIAL ERRA

Question 2
(a)(i) List six tools used by wood carvers in pre- colonial times in Ghana .
(ii) Outline three reasons why wood carvers painted their finished products .
(b) Highlight three process of wood carving.

Question 3
(a)(i) Name six European nations that participated in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
(ii)List six tools used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
(b)In what three ways were slaves obtained in Ghana

Question 4
(a)State three problems associated with legitimate trade.
(b)Examine any two effects of legitimate: trade on the Niger Delta States.



-Social organizations
-political organizations
-settlement organization
-social organizations
-Religion organization
-Economic development

-system of govnmt was monarchical
-The king was semi devine
-He serves as an intermediaries btn de ancestors nd de Gods
-King of west African
Sudanese states headed central government made up of ministries
-Ministers of states were paid for their services
-Subjects regarded their kings as source of life,death,adversity nd prosperity

-THE knowledge of iron technology
-The leadership of powerful members
-Able leaders
-The role of sacred symbols
-De role of traditional comodities
-The introductn of firearms
-The atlantic slave trade


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