She Mensturates Every Two Weeks. Is It Ok To Marry Her?

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She Mensturates Every Two Weeks. Is It Ok To Marry Her?


Goodday Madam Laila,
please i need your help. I just discovered something unusual and downright strange on my girl. We met on IG and hit it off from there and its been rosy cos she is from my town. We met around August when she commented on the thread of a particular celeb who I also follow and her comment appealed to me.

The post had something to do with womens right, gender equality and shit like that so she came on the thread and reminded ladies blabbing on the thread that men deserves to be respected and that she dosnt subscribe to the modern day craze called gender equality. The other ladies descended on her and when i saw it. I checked her photos out and she was beautiful so I DM'ed her and we hit it off and since then we have become inseparable and truely,we are in love and I believe that i have found my life partner in her. 
but distance was a barrioer because i stay in Dansoman, Accra and she stays at Enugu so we only video chat endlessly daily. I decided to come home this yultide solely because of her so we can meet physically and plan ahead. I came in last week thursday and headed straight for Enugu on friday. we met up and i wasnt disappointed. she was everything and even more unlike some ladies who use camera 360 and when you meet the live, you will be dissappointed.
I checked us into a hotel and when i wanted to go down,she stopped me and told me that she was Mensturating. I thought she was playing some pranks because just last 2 weeks before i came back, she told me that she is having stomache upset because of her cycle and i was consoling her on the video calls. so I thought she was just pulling my legs. but when i probed further, i found out that she was serious. I reminded her that she mensturated some 8-9 days ago so how can she still be mensturating? she told me that that her cycle is twice a month that its normal and that it happens to some women.
I was confused so i googled it and still found a lot of conflicting informations, some webpages will say its abnormal while some will say its normal although rare. my girl claims that it is in their family as 2 of her 5 sisters also have the same issue that i have nothing to worry about but i am scared. what if it is a hormonal problem like i read in some webpages. she even told me that it is an advantage because she has a higher chance of having twins when we get married.
Please Laila, I dont want stories that touch, I am an only son and i dont want to put myself into something that my family will regret because i dont want to marry 2 wives because of children. Please what should I do?

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