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This has been the latest problem many Android
user are facing expect Blackberry users because if
you don��t purchase your monthly data you
will not be connected, so that is it.
Meanwhile, some are ignorant of it and while
many others knows about it and keep looking for
solution. Today, gurusnews will be showing you
and also will be expantiating on the solution, to
make you understand.
Many people have been complaining that the
usage of data plan on the device was too high
and the recharge card and also the mb they buy
is not enough for them.

Some says that the MB or data they buys
monthly, do not sustain them for that month
instead it finishes within days, weeks.
Good luck as you read because this will improve
your mentality and your eyes will be opened as
you read ahead and also comment below,
How to Reduce My Data Usage on My

1.Using Restrict Background Apps:=
Yes, I recommend this one because it helps one
to avoid high data consumption on your android
smartphones. The below are the ways one can
use to restrict their background.

��Tap into the menu button on the screen of
your android device.
��Go to yoursettings.
��Then just scroll down toaccountandsync
��Lastly just deselect background data.
��You are to ignore all warnings and select
background data if only you wish to make use of
your playstore, which after you are expected to
deselect after usage.

2.Using Of My Data Manager App:=

This one is also good and can be downloaded at
play store. This app helps you to track down
your data usage in all other apps on your
android device. It can also be called Data counter.
According to the name counter, it counters your
daily data usage of your Android phone and it
also helps you in controlling it.
With the use of this app, one can see
background software that regularly consumes
his data unknownling. Using this app, you can
immediately stop the app from running. One
thing is certain here and that is, if you do not off
your data, guy your data go chop finish. You can
set usage alarm so whenever you have reached
the data plan amount that you have setup to use,
then you would be alerted in other to avoid
overage charges unlike bill shock. Download My
Data Manager App at . Here

3.Making Us Of Lite Browsers:=

You might get a little confused at this word
above but in essence, if you make use of Firefox
and operamini in your device, it will definitely
eats you MB raw but gurusnews recommends
chrome browser to lower the usage of your data
This Google Chrome also blocks pop-ups. You
can set your chrome browser to stop eating
your data with this simple tutorial below:
��Open you chrome browser.
��Go to settings. Then to Bandwidth
��Then Reduce Data Usage in other to save
more of your bytes.

��For more info about getting more features and
download this chrome browser then just, click

4.Making Use OfNo root firewall App:=
gurusnews also recommends this app, because
it has helped to reduce the high use of data usage
in Androids Smartphone, it is an Antidote to
reduce your data usage.
Features of No root firewall App
��ThisNo root firewall Apphelps to disableapps
that connect to the internet on its own.
��ThisNo root firewall Appalso turns offauto
update of apps.
��Disables auto video or image downloads on
Whatsapp and BBM.
��Disables the use of flash player on both
chrome and Firefox.

��Closes the unused apps, unlike G-mail
synchronization and other related apps.
��To download No root firewall click Here. Or
you can also make use of Droidwall.
5.Installing/Downloading of Ad blockers:
Do you know that pop-ups and ads consume
almost 60% of your data plan? Well you might
not know but today am telling you so you have
to stop it by downloading the Ad blocker at your
play store or you can follow the link below.
This Ad blocker also has option which allows one
to either to block or ads or inappropriate ads
unlike video and audio ads.
This Ad blocker has been tested on only rooted
device, so I suggest that you do root your
android Smartphone using this LINK.To
download ad blocker plus please, click Here.

I hope that with the use of this simple tutorial
gurusnews has been able to help you in some
ways an also they have been able to solve at
least one of your problems.
Using this entire simple app and also
downloading them is at high cost but come to
think of it, if you subscribe for N1000 for 250mb
for a Month and it get finish by the 22nd of that
month, would like it?

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