Photos: Man Accused Of Raping Pregnant Mum & Child Beaten To Death By Angry Mob

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Photos: Man Accused Of Raping Pregnant Mum & Child Beaten To Death By Angry Mob

A man accused of raping a pregnant woman and a four-year-old child was lynched and beaten to death by an angry mob.

The bloody scene was caught on camera and the suspected rapist later died in hospital.

The lynched man was an alleged serial rapist, whom local media say has been accused of raping at least four victims, including a four-year-old girl and a pregnant woman.

The gruesome video shows the man already lying on the ground covered in blood in Soledad, northern Colombia.

He starts to move and gets up while locals can be heard shouting: "He's still alive."

Police officers in fluorescent yellow vests arrive at the scene and stand near him, firing shots into the air to get the mob to back off, but they cannot stop the furious crowd from continually attacking him with rocks and metal rods.

Local media report that the two officers had to call another patrol car to finally stop the angry mob.

They finally managed to get the alleged rapist to a nearby hospital, where he died from multiple head traumas.

Hours before this violent scene, a 17-year-old girl had told family members the man had just raped her in a rural mountainous area.

The mother of the unnamed teenage girl said: "He warned her not to tell anyone because he knew she had two brothers and where they lived.

"He said if she ratted him out he would kill us all."

The mother went on to say that the aggressor did not use a condom and smoked cannabis and snorted cocaine as he abused her daughter.

According to locals, it was not the first report of its kind about the man, and tired of the inaction of authorities, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

The accused rapist was hiding in the mountains, where locals say he had a den set up with a mattress on the floor and girls' clothes strewn around.

According to the accounts of the women, they were intercepted as they walked through a rural area, threatened with a knife and dragged by the hair to his mountain lair.

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