There May Be More Plastic In Oceans Than Fish In 2050-UN

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There May Be More Plastic In Oceans Than Fish In 2050-UN

 Plastic pollution in the oceans has reached a stage where microplastics - pieces smaller than 5mm - now outnumber stars in our galaxy, according to UN secretary general António Guterres. And by 2050, he says, if present trends continue, there will be more plastic in the world's oceans than fish.

People in the drought-stricken Western Cape, Cape Town in particular, have been forced to focus on the quantity of water as supplies declined drastically, but environmentalists say it is just as important to focus on the quality of water. Curbing plastic pollution is one way ordinary people can help improve the quality of our water.

Because of the huge amount of plastic pollution in the world's seas, lakes and rivers, the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) has made the theme for this year's World Environment Day on June 5 "Beat Plastic Pollution".

Guterres says no place on Earth is untouched by plastic pollution, including remote spots in the Arctic.

The UN says its message to the global community on World Environment Day is to reject all "single-use" plastic items - those that are thrown away after being used only once. Its slogan is "refuse what you can't re-use".

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