They Are On A Look Out For Another Talent O, The Adeniyi Johnson Angle

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They Are On A Look Out For Another Talent O, The Adeniyi Johnson Angle

Nigeria is full of talent. Now this little beautiful piece of dance – a little boy you are about to watch below, was spotted somewhere dancing to ISSA GOAL song. Now this little pie wasn’t doing it for the gram, he probably had no idea he was being recorded and little papi just kept doing his dance.

Infact his shaku shaku will make some adults never try the dance again. I mean this boy did it flawlessly, lol.

So after Nigerians helped Taju (The Ibadan 5-year old boy who has never been to a school) Niyi Johnson is now on the gram asking that Nigerians help find this boy, so that he can be helped and trained by a Nigerian dance school and ofcourse have a better life. That won’t be hard for Kaffy to do, so it’s a problem half solved. But first, let’s find the boy… His video and Niyi’s words below… PLUS Niyi was a big part of how Taju came to limelight, before they ‘snatched’ it away from him.

He has not been to dance school, he has no idea he is been recorded, he didn't do it for the gram IT IS WHAT I CALL PURE TALENT... Imagine this boy been picked up trained, educated and brushed up? imagine him on stage to thrill audience before @kaffydance comes on? .. Imagine him knowing the magnitude of talent he has and how many doors it can open... He danced effortlessly, see the confidence and swag..... I ADENIYI JOHNSON CONFESS OPENLY I CAN'T 5% as this boy, if u want to punish me tell me to dance 🤣🙄 but when I see a good dancer I know ... well meaning NIGERIANS pls as we rally round Taju and changed his life pls can we find this boy.. I'll contribute my quota and I believe he can be better.... where he's been recorded says alot, his clothes, and surroundings.. pls let's change a life as we've always do.. I believe in you yes you reading this and hopeful that in few days we will all be happy we changed him... PLS TAG ALL DANCE SCHOLL AND ACADEMY YOU KNOW TO SEE THIS..... PS: this isn't for show off or to get public attention,it is not about me but about THE RAW TALENT....... God bless us as we do... any useful info as how to find him send me a message or call my team the number on my bio to speak with my team ..... cc @kaffydance @rudeboypsquare @peterpsquare @baddosneh @funkeakindelebello @odunomoadekola @femiadebayosalami @eniola_badmus @davidoofficial @karshoky @clarenceshotit pls keep the tagging .. God bless and have a fruitful week 🙏🙏A post shared by Adeniyi Johnson (@adeniyijohnson) on Jul 23, 2018 at 3:59am PDT

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