Ehizogie Ogbebor Writes On How She Overcame Lost Marriage, Betrayal & More In 2018

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Ehizogie Ogbebor Writes On How She Overcame Lost Marriage, Betrayal & More In 2018

Ehizogie Ogbebor, CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel is again speaking out about the battles she faced in 2018. She took to her instagram page to write them in two parts and how she was able to over come them! Her words;

2018 ..What a year. D Devil tried so hard to break me..I will tell u how..I lost my marriage..mercilessly betrayed and deceived by d 1 I thot was my BEST FRIEND.. abandoned in labour room.I almost lost my baby.(still bout d marriage). But on this 1 GOD must ve said to D Devil ( you said test her not DESTROY) I got betrayed by 1 of my closest staff. some1 I housed .. sheltered..cared 4 n practically brought 2 Lagos limelight.I was betrayed by a close friend that was like a sister because of material gains..

hai the media!!They ddnt allow me drink water and drop cup..It's was a rollercoaster of lies n exxagerrated side talks ..condemnation. character assassination..until I cleared the air to be precise.. which most still doubt .well who cares! ☺...I lost huge businesses cause at a point I was almost non functional...I mean who can totally concentrate with all that nightmare n drama..It's was a crazy year..BUT in all of this am glad am still standing..GOD GAVE me a certain peace at heart that I still can't fathom... he traded my sorrow 4 laughter n unexplainable joy n peace..He gave me a beautiful princess this year... (Ibuere). I totally adore. he ensured in all of this drama I had good health and mental stability to scale thru... He gave me the best family anyone could ask for who stood by me relentlessly... I say THANK u..Am grateful..he gave me true friends to help hold up my crown... there were days I thought ok Ehi this 1 u can't stand it anymore but voices would rise and say.."piece of cake"...oya jump it over..there is a saying that if the world realise you Are HONEY THEY WOULD LICK U. OH WELL THAT WAS ME... this isnt a aawwwhh story...It's to motivate you n I.. not every1 that smiles endlessly on the gram is free of I mean crazy issues..Nah we just don't allow the problems steal our Joy ... because we hold on to d saying that joy cometh in the morning...Am happy now. not totally but Am free.. Turning my lemons in2 lemonade and wondering what's your excuse.. don't give up.. Nothing or no one is worth murdering your smile and happiness for.. u r strong n trust me don't treat any 1 as if they r indispensable cause they wld eventually dispense...

Continuation from previous post ...... Some would say Ehi likes talk .... Pls learn.... love and kisses ... #peacelikeariver cause God has taken over 😇... What's your 2018 story .... looking forward to a more blissful and scandal free 2019.... Amen... staying woke ... more vigilant ... still sweet but just not honey sweet anymore.... THANKS TO MY CLIENTS FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE WHILE ALL THE CRAZINESS WAS ON AND FOR STILL BELIEVING IN SAYAVETH IRRESPECTIVE OF THE RUBBISH TALKS UP N DOWN... AND TO MY IG FAM U DONT KNOW HOW MUCH STRENGTH YOU ALL GAVE ME... I SAY THANK YOU!!! BLESSED 2019 YALL..... IN OTHER news ... any troll that comes here to say nonsense the thunder that will fire you is still doing press up!!!! 😜😛....left u guys in 2018..... me am in 2019 already 😇

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