Hon.Patrick's Grammer

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Hon.Patrick's Grammer

We have all heard Hon. Patrick's facinatin' gammers,maybe on TV or in newspaper.
Here, are some English grammers dat Hon.Patrick will say if it were 2 be him.
D former MHR will twist dis sentences as dis,add urs if u have:

ORDINARY ENGLISH: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Individuals who make their abodes in vitreous edifices would be advised to refrain from catapulting perilous projectiles.
twinkle, little star
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Scintillate, scintillate, asteroid minim.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: All that glitters is not gold.
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: All articles that coruscate with resplendence are not trulyauriferous.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: Beggars are not choosers
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Sorting on the part of mendicants must be interdicted.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: Dead men tell no tales
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Male cadavers are incapable of rendering any testimony.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: Beginner's luck
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Neophyte's serendipity.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: A rolling stone gathers no moss
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: A revolving lithic conglomerate accumulates no congeries of small, green, biophytic plant.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: Birds of a feather flock together
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Members of an avian species of identical plumage tend to congregate.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: Beauty is only skin deep
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Pulchritude possesses solely cutaneous profundity.
ORDINARY ENGLISH: Cleanliness is godliness
HON. PAT'S ENGLISH: Freedom from incrustations of grime is contiguous to rectitude

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