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Neco 2015 Computer Studies Answers now Available Foя free!!!

Wednesday 24th June Paper III & II: Objective
& Essay –
Computer Studies – 10:00am –

41-50 BBBEDC-D-A

Neco 2015 Computer Theory
1a) program dubugging is a methodical process of finding
and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer
program or a piece of electronic hardware, thus making it
behave as expected.
1b) i)Portability: Portability refers to the ability of an
application to run on different platforms (operating systems)
with or without minimal changes.
ii)Readability: The program should be written in such a way
that it makes other programmers or users to follow the logic
of the program without much effort.
iii)Efficiency: Every program requires certain processing
time and memory to process the instructions and data.
iv)Structural: To develop a program, the task must be broken
down into a number of subtasks.
1c) i)Syntax errors: errors due to the fact that the syntax of
the language is not respected
ii)Semantic errors: errors due to an improper use of program
iii) Logical errors: errors due to the fact that the specification
is not respected. (
a ) peripheral device : A peripheral device is
defined as a
computer device, such as a keyboard or
printer, that is not
part of the essential computer ( i .e . , the
memory and micro
processor ) .
b ) system software : System software is a
type of computer
programthat is designed to run a computer’s
and application programs
c ) operator system : system operator is one
who runs the
day – to – day operation of a server and the
term suggests a
person who is available when the system is
d ) translator : Atranslatoris a computer
program that
performs the translation of a program written
in a given
programming languageinto a functionally
equivalentprogram in a different computer
without losing the functional or logical
structure of the
original code ( the ” essence” of each
program ) .
3 a )
– sequential organization: this are records
are stored and accessed in a particular
order sorted using a key field.
– serial organisation: records in a file
arestored one after
another. You need to go first file in order to
reach the
3 b )
The logic or Boolean expression given for a
logic NOR gate
is that for Logical Multiplication which it
performs on the
complements of the inputs. The Boolean
expression for a
logic NOR gate is denoted by a plus sign , ( )
with a line or
Overline, ( ‾‾ ) over the expression to signify
the NOT or
logical negation of the NOR gate giving us the
expression of: A B = Q.
3 ci )
Bus topology is a network setup where each
and network
device are connected to a single cable or
backbone . Bus
networks are useful in small networks ( like
those setup in
small offices ) .
3 cii )
Mesh topology a network setup where each
and network device is interconnected
with one another, allowing for most
transmissions to be distributed , even if
one of the connections go down . This
topology is not commonly used for most
networks as it is difficult and
expensive to have redundant connection
to every computer.
3 ciii )
A ring network is a network topology in which
each node
connects to exactly two
other nodes , forming a single continuous
pathway for signals through each node – a
ring . Data travel from node to node , with
each node along the way handling every
packet . Rings can be unidirectional , with all
traffic travelling either clockwise or
anticlockwise around the ring , or
bidirectional ( as in SONET / SDH ) .
4 a )
Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a
user to
verify that a particular IP address exists and
can accept
requests . In Other Words Ping works by
sending an
Internet Control Message Protocol ( ICMP )
Echo Request to
a specified interface on the network and
waiting for a
reply .
4 b ) packet is the unit of data that is routed
between an
origin and a destination on the Internet or
any other
packet – switched network. In Other Words
When any file ( e –
mail message , HTML file , Graphics
Interchange Format file,
Uniform Resource Locator request, and so
forth) is sent
from one place to another on the Internet.
4 c) Website is a related collection of World
Wide Web
( WWW ) files that includes a beginning file
called a home
page . In Other Words From the home page ,
you can get to
all the other pages on their site. For example
, the Web site
for IBM has the home page address of http
:/ /
www . ibm . com . ( The home page address
actually includes
a specific file name like index. html but , as
in IBM’s case ,
when a standard default name is set up ,
users don ‘ t have
to enter the file name . )
IBM’s home page address leads to thousands
of pages .
( But a Web site can also be just a few pages
. )
4 d )
home page or index page is the initial or
main web page of
a website. It is sometimes also called the
front page or
main page ( by analogy with newspapers ) ,
or written as
“homepage . ”
For example , a news website may present
the headlines
and first paragraphs of top stories, with links
to the full
articles , in a dynamic web page that reflects
the popularity
and recentness of stories.
4 e) Gopher is an application- layer protocol
that provides
the ability to extract and view Web
documents stored on
remote Web servers . In Other Words Gopher
was conceived in 1991 as one of the Internet’s
first data / file
access protocols to run on top of a TCP/ IP
network . It
was developed at University of Minnesota
and is named
after the school ‘s mascot.
4f) system administrator, or sysadmin , is a
person who is
responsible for the upkeep , configuration ,
and reliable
operation of computer systems ; especially
multi – user
computers , such as servers.
The system administrator seeks to ensure
that the uptime ,
performance, resources , and security of the
computers he
or she manages meet the needs of the users
, without
exceeding the budget.

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