The most HILARIOUS letter of the YEAR by Akpos

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The most HILARIOUS letter of the YEAR by Akpos

Dear Boss John,
Me is resigning from the work for becoz hungriness is playing with me. You is giving me young money. I can't afford to buy food the whole moon.
I please you to go up my money, you are not go up my money. My child is seek, I don't havemoney to take me to the docter.
The owner of my house is running me out of his house because I do not collect rent.
I borrow a money from you last moon but you is not give me a cent.
Now I not collected rent for two moons and now I get stressness coz my wife is soon going to pick her clothes and live another man.
Me is tired with you, I can take it anymore. Is not that you is not have money its just that you is hard.
You think coz me is black you should play with it. Even you is not white is pink.
In coclusion me was working you with smile but you play me like a feetball but I'm never careless becoz;"God is looking for you."
Yours Truefully,

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Posted By mili3kid On 12:57 Sat, 29 Dec 2012

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