Father-in-law and daughter-in-law fight over weak manhood

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Father-in-law and daughter-in-law fight over weak manhood

A BIRCHENOUGH Bridge man's alleged malfunctioningprivate parts have caused a stir in the family as his father and his are at each other's throats with the father blaming the daughter in law for his son's calamity.
Friction between mother and daughter in law is well in the African society but the two have invented a new form of family rivalry pitting the father and the daughter in law.
Tenyson Mhlanga father- in-law to Tendayi Manyovhi lodged an appeal with the civil court to reverse a ruling passed at headman Chamutsa 's court that ordered him to pay twobeasts to Manyovhi for allegedly her a witch.
Chipinge Magistrate Makamera Waini heard thecase in which the two confessed that they hadnever been in each other's good books. Relations are said to have worsened after rumours that the son's manhood was faulty causing him to underperform in the bedroom.
A crisis family meeting was held by the Mhlangas to find a lasting solution to their son's catastrophe on November 9. The court heard that it was during the meeting that a verbal war erupted between the two in laws.
"He accused me of locking his son's privates, he also me a witch who wanted to finish off his family, he even to "send" me on menstruation period forever," the daughter in law lamented in court.
Manyovhi as a took Mhlanga's hat claiming thatshe had been labeled a witch. Chief Chamutsa was sucked into the matter and he ordered the two to visit a witch doctor to inquire with the oracle on whether the witchcraft accusations had been uttered. Before the court, the two did not agree on the outcome of their visit at the witch doctor with Manyovhisaying the father of her husband was fingeredas the one who had said the words while Mhlanga disputed that.
Mhlanga said, inspite of his exoneration Chief Chamutsa went on to fine him two beasts - an ox and a calf, much to his chargrin. Part of the chief's ruling states that although (Tenyson) Mhlanga was not pin pointed as the one who had uttered the words , someone within his family had made the utterances, which made him, as head of the family liable to pay.
Mhlanga is seeking for the nullification of Chamutsa's rulling which ordered him to pay the two beasts to the daughter-in-law.
" I was exonerated because I never said it, where could I have said it when she and I do not talk. My daughter -in-law does not talk to anyone in the family, does not greet anyone, why then should I be fined, I therefore plead with this honorable court to nullify the ruling," pleaded Mhlanga.
Mhlanga is being represented by Langton Mhungu of Mhungu and Associates. The matterwas postponed to 14, when Chief Chamutsa is expected in the witness stand.

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